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Elegant lighting can transform the look and feel of any venue into something amazing.  Great lighting makes all the difference.

We have the lighting to take your event to the next level...                      UpLighting, Market String Lights, Pattern Projections and Custom Projected Monograms, Chandeliers, Pinspotting & Spotlighting

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 UV Blacklight Glow

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We use the best quality UpLighting fixtures.  This means great color mixing for getting the perfect that perfect shade

Colors include: Amber, Gold, Blue, Tiffany Blue, Purple, Green, Lime Green, Red, Torquoise, White, Peach, Coral, Pink, Blush Pink, UV Blacklight and shades in between

L.E.D. lights produce virtually no heat and remain cool to the touch.  This means a reduced risk of fire hazard.  Children tend to be attracted to lighting and have a need to touch... their little hands will not be burned with L.E.D. lighting.

 Erik on TV with Jenny About Town

LED bulbs get only slightly warm to the touch after being on all night

Erik Hess has worked for over 20 years as a professional in the wedding industry.  From DJ to Live sound to planning events... lighting has always been a part of what we do.  Now we have taken lighting to a whole new level.

We can appreciate the planning and preparation it takes to pull off an amazing event.  We know that every event wants to set itself apart and be unique.  Lighting can accomplish this.  It is our belief that lighting can transform the look of any room like nothing else can.

Willow Lights
Willow Lights
Edison Bulbs

Give thanks to him who made the heavenly lights— His faithful love endures forever. Psalm 136:7


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