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Battery Pendants

Our BatteryBulbs allow us to hang our pendants anywhere without running electrical cords

A Crystal pendant is in the air with a blurry background
Crystal Pendants
(10" wide x 18" tall) 12 Available
A crystal pendant is shining light on a ceiling
Christal pendants held by curved stands
Crystal pendants held up by curved stands over tables
Photo by DC Photography
Two workers are clapping hands with crystal pendants in the background
Photo by DC Photography
Crystal pendants attached to curved stands are scattered in a room giving light to guests
Photo by DC Photography
A round crystal pendant and another type of crystal pendant
A round crystal pendant
A round crystal pendant shining light on a wall
People sitting at a table in a river with pendant lights above them
Geometric pendant lights hanging from a structure
Small Geometric Pendants
36 Available
three Geometric pendant lights
A silver lantern with designs on it
Silver Lantern
3 Available
A diamond pendant with blurry lights in the background
Diamond Pendant
4 Available
A metal and glass lantern with a bulb inside of it
Metal & Glass Lantern
4 Available
an extra large geometric pendant
XL Geo Pendants
9 Available
A rounded pendant that looks like a cage
Rounded Cage Pendant
9 Available