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Intimate Weddings

Due to the COVID-19 Virus Shelter In Place...
many couples have had to resort to a PLAN B for their wedding.
If your original venue is no longer an option...
we can make a backyard look amazing.

Market lights over a small wedding
Market lights draped across one long table at a wedding
A few tables with market lights attached between trees lighting up the tables on a dark night
single strand Lights hanging from a pergula with tables beneith it
A monogram in a pool with a tree draped in single strand lights in the background that looks like a willow tree
A single table with a tunnel of little lights surounding it at a small wedding
Market lights seen in the background. Their reflection can be seen in a pool
A monogram in a pool sourounded by palm trees with lights attached to them
Strands of lights connecting to a center pole
A pole stands next to a dance floor with lights attached to it
A close up picture of a market light strand with an event in the background
chandeliers hanging in the middle of tables attached to poles
A pool with blue lighting and market lights in the background
chandeliers hanging above a table
Lights attached to a center pole in a field
A house lit up with lights
Market lights are decorating what seems to be a deck
A bride and groom stands infront of a blue pool with a monogram in it
A speaker and a mike
Marquee letters spelling B and N with a bride posing next to them